Zitsticka Killa Kit

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For the deep, hard-to-reach zit

KILLA is a zit patch powered by ZitSticka’s signature microdart technology. The microdarts deliver a blend of ingredients to calm and minimize your early-stage zit before it gets real. Salicylic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and  oligopeptide-76 work together to penetrate deep in the heart of an upcoming pimple, dissolve and minimize it.

Priming a deep zit before patch application, CLEANA is STEP 1, the perfect cleanser that is soaked in exfoliating, de-stressing ingredients—can also be used independently to placate a superficial zit's appearance.


8 Microdart KILLA Patches 

8 Spot Clearing CLEANA Swabs



Hyaluronic Acid: a moisture-magnet that acts as a conduit for the other ingredients to be carried into your zit.


Salicylic Acid: an efficacious exfoliant and dermatologist favorite. 


Niacinamide: (B3) helps to shrink the appearance of redness.


Oligopeptide-76: A fierce but gentle peptide that disrupts your zit's journey. 

Sodium Hydroxide: an inactive pH balancer.