Odacité Synergie Beauty Masque Sachets

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Take the extraordinary benefits of Synergie Immediate Beauty Perfecting with you on-the-go, on vacation, after the gym, or anytime your skin needs instant revitalization. This extraordinary masque is a complete beauty treatment that delivers results after the very first application. 

Each box includes 7 DELUXE SIZE TRAVEL SACHETS (up to two uses per sachet).

SYNERGIE[1] DETOX & PURIFY PORES: The synergy of Clay + Activated Charcoal works diligently on your skin, leaving your pores visibly refined and free of blemishes. 

SYNERGIE[2] PEEL: The synergy of Enzymes + Fruit Acids works instantly to slough off dead skin, encouraging a fresh glow. 

SYNERGIE[3] BRIGHTEN & EVEN OUT SKIN TONE: The fast-acting synergy of Vitamin C + Enzymes fades and prevents the appearance of brown spots, revealing a radiant and even skin tone. 

SYNERGIE[4] FIRM: The synergy of Vitamin C + Probiotics works in tandem to boost the appearance of firmness, providing the skin with the support it needs to look firm and youthful.