Kosas Lip Oil - Jaws

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Buy your lips a drink. This hybrid lip treatment + gloss is packed with peptides that plump and hydrate, all while providing a juicy slick of color. 100% treatment, 100% lip gloss. Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Evening Primrose Oil and other botanicals work to hydrate, plump and protect the lips. The non-sticky formula slides on smooth to give you a soft, comfortable feel and slick, vinyl look. Fully wearable day or night. 

Jaws is a hot blood red

Key Ingredients:

hyaluronic acid: attracts water and locks in hydration

peptides: stimulates collagen production

evening primrose oil: regulates hormone fluctuations to maintain plumpness and protect against environmental stressors  

avocado oil: cushioning and deeply hydrating while improving collagen production

kojac root: creates a gel-like barrier between lips and the environment, sealing in active nourishment

shea butter: deeply hydrating collagen support