Jane Scrivner Skinfoliate

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This AHA/BHA resurfacing toner is formulated to achieve multi-level exfoliation for daily use. Using a unique blend of glycolic, lactic, malic, salicylic, and citric acids, this toner works on every level of skin to exfoliate and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and cell renewal. Skinfoliate works to soften skin and leave you feeling smooth and healthy while stimulating cell turnover and strengthening skin.

Key Ingredients: natural AHA and BHA's from pineapple, burdock, bilberry, orange, lemon, sugar maple, witch hazel, white willow and raw organic apple cider vinegar, lactic acid, fruit extracts, benzyl alcohol, salix alba bark extract, salicylic acid, arctium lappa root extract, sorbic acid, glycerin

Alpha Hydroxy Acids - AHA’s
To exfoliate skin, stimulate collagen and regulate the acid mantle to the correct pH. Penetrate just below the skins surface

Beta Hydroxy Acids – BHA’s
To exfoliate, treat breakouts and decongest clogged or blocked pores. BHA’s penetrate more deeply than AHA’s and work to exfoliate the pores making it fab for oily or acne conditions.

From corn. Works to dissolve the ‘glue’ between cells on the skin surface, gently exfoliating and keeping skin soft and smooth.

From sugar cane, sugar maple, burdock and pineapple. Works deeper below the skins surface triggering the ‘wound heal’ response. This in turn stimulates cell turnover, evens skin tone and texture and strengthens the skins matrix keeping our skin plumped, smooth and firm.

From lemons. Works to reduce photo/sun damage and stimulate the skins matrix through collagen synthesis.

From apples and bilberries. Gently ‘unsticks’ the glue of the surface dead skin cells. Also helps to boost skin elasticity.

From white willow. Penetrates deeply to release oily excesses in the skin. Acts as a decongestant, clearing blocked or clogged pores/oily/acne skin.