Your Quarantine Routine - Ky Washington

Apr 14th 2020

This week, local clean makeup extraordinaire Ky Washington chatted with us about her routine and how she's pivoting her business right now. Let's jump into it!

Tell us a few fun facts about yourself to start.

I'm Ky Washington - a makeup artist, green beauty expert and holistic aromatherapist. I'm also the founder of Modern Green Goddess; it's a small business that shows women how to live clean in a modern world. 

That sounds like the perfect duo! Do you ever introduce aromatherapy into your makeup sessions?

Yes, ALL THE TIME! That's what makes Modern Green Goddess unique. I always select an oil blend for a client to use as their "primer" - something that works for their skin and soothes the mind. Then, I give them a facial massage with it. It makes the skin glow and the makeup look so natural. I'm also know to bring grounding incense and crystals on location as well. Oh, and sage. It's all about the vibes.

Speaking of skincare aromatherapy, we use Odacite serums for just that! These concentrated oils are 100% organic, cold pressed botanical oils which means the potency is preserved. The scents are amazing and there's no filler - just the luxurious oils! 

A large part of the beauty industry is in-person business - have you been able to pivot into a virtual model?

The makeup community has been hit hard by this. I'm so blessed that I have other parts to my business - but many do not. I have gone virtual and am now offering beauty and aromatherapy classes you can take online. It's been a wonderful way to connect. 

We love the idea of virtual classes. What are you offering right now?

Currently, I'm offering virtual Makeup Masterclasses. They're interactive so you actually do your makeup in class and learn with me, as opposed to just watching. I pick a subject that the participants are interested in and we go from there! We recently did an in-depth eye makeup class which was so fun! 

You can sign up through my website, Modern Green Goddess. I also announce everything on my Instagram 

Aside from your businesses, what are you doing in your free time?

My hobbies are reading, cooking, having tea parties and doing my makeup. I'm currently listening to a book called Empath on Audible. I also just started reading Where the Crawdads Sing (I know, I'm so late).

What about your skincare and makeup routine - has that changed recently? 

I'm doing A LOT more face masks. (Welcome to the club!) Charcoal, enzyme, sheet masks - you name it. The stress was starting to get to my face and I had to get her back to her happy place. I'm also wearing less makeup, but when I do wear makeup, I'm loving a bold lip. I typically reach for whatever I'm in the mood for. Lately I'm excited to put on Bianca from TMF and Thrillest from Kosas.

Great tip - a bold lip is the perfect way to lift your WFH mood (and look!). We also love Royal, a bright berry from Kosas like Ky is rocking.

Aside from masking, what's your favorite skincare step in your routine?

My favorite part of my routine is my first cleanse in the evening. I give myself a thorough facial massage with an oil cleanser and then take it off with a steaming towel. It's pure magic. 

Oil cleansing is such a treat...and one of our favorite skincare steps too! For acne prone skin, we recommend Little Barn Blue Yarrow + Geranium Oil Cleanser. For more mature skin, try Sans Ceuticals Goji Cleanser with omega fatty acids and Vitamin E. 

How has your skin been reacting lately? Have you noticed any changes?

Stressed. Is that a skin type? She needs to be clarified or babied. Thank goodness I have quite the skincare collection. My skin can't live without a facial oil, especially when it's applied to damp skin. You get the most amazing glow without the grease. 

How can friends keep in touch with you?

You can reach me several different ways. Keep in touch on my personal Instagram or you can book a Clean Beauty Artist. Also, stay in touch via email or check for updates out my website. 

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