Where To Apply: Highlight, Bronzer + Blush

May 21st 2020

Some of the most FAQs we get are about where exactly to apply certain makeup products on your face. We're talking about hard hitting questions like, "where do I apply my bronzer in relation to my highlight?" OR "does my blush go on top of the bronzer?" Don't fret, here's a round up of our best tips for applying highlighter, bronzer and blush, plus our favorite product recommendations to achieve a natural look that defines those gorgeous features. 


Why We Love It

Highlight emphasizes the high points of your face where light reflects. It makes your features pop  and helps to add more dimension to your features by bringing them forward. For a seamlessly blended look, apply highlight prior to applying bronzer.

Products + Tools

Select a highlight shade that compliments your undertone. Warm undertones, reach for highlight that pulls more yellow or golden hues. Cool undertones, opt for highlight with pink hues. Neutral undertones (a combination of warm and cool) are lucky and can rock a multitude of shades! Apply powder highlight with an angled sculpting brush or a fan brush. Cream highlight can easily be applied with the warmth of your fingertips. 

Try Rituel de Fille Ghost Light cream highlight for cool undertones, Saint 24K pressed powder highlight for warm undertones and LXMI Nilotica Goddess Glow cream illuminator for neutral undertones


A few places we like to add highlight:

  1. Above your cheekbones - not below it, not on top of it - above it! Blend highlight from above your cheekbone up into a C-shape around the outside of your eyes.
  2. Eyes - apply below your eyebrow onto your brow bone and add a little to the inner corners of your eyes (right around the tear duct) to add brightness.
  3. You can also swipe highlight down the bridge of your nose and on your cupid’s bow, above your top lip to emphasize your lips.


Why We Love It

Bronzer adds warmth to your skin and gives your face more dimension. It’s meant to define the features you already have instead of creating new features all together - don't fix it if it's not broken!

Products + Tools

Select a shade deeper than your natural skin tone, but with your same undertone (warm, cool or neutral).

Apply powder bronzer with an angled sculpting brush or a smaller brush for more precision. Powder bronzer has long lasting matte finish.

Cream bronzer offers a skin-conditioning, subtle but buildable warmth that’s also very blendable. If cream bronzer is more your speed you can skip the tools, just use your fingers! Warm the product up on your fingertips and apply by gently patting it into your skin.

Try the Saint Bronzer for warm or neutral undertones or find your perfect shade match with the pressed powder foundation from Alima. If you prefer cream, add warmth with Kosas Tropic Equinox.


Think of creating a three-shape on each side of your face going from your hairline, onto your cheekbone and down directly under your jaw line. 

Blending along your hairline narrows the appearance of your forehead. Locate your cheekbone - you'll feel it protruding slightly on your cheek. Apply bronzer right on top of the cheekbone. In relation to highlight, bronzer goes directly below highlight. This will define and lift your cheekbones. 

Create a three-formation with your bronzer from the hair line, to the cheekbone to the jawline.


Why We Love It

Blush adds a healthy flush to cheeks which brightens the face. Blush alone can warm up cool-toned or fair skin and it can add even more depth to warm-toned skin. 

Products + Tools

For a light dusting of blush on the cheeks, try applying with a soft focus brush. For a bolder look, use an angled sculpting brush. If you're using cream products, the best tool is your fingertip!

Pressed powder blush gives off a bold matte look. Try Kosas Longitude Zero pressed powder blush for fair or cool skin tones. Deep and warm skin tones try Kosas Velvet Melon High Intensity cream blush to give your cheeks a dewy natural glow or Rituel de Fille cream blush in Desire


Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend up and back to achieve a bright look. Unsure where the apples are of your cheeks are exactly? Here's a trick: find the end of your eyebrow and draw an invisible line down to the tops of your cheeks. Voila! 




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