The Foundation Breakdown: Dewy vs Matte

May 27th 2020

Not all foundations are created the same and they can create so many different looks and finishes on the skin. Here's the breakdown on matte vs dewy foundations, their level of coverage and how to wear them on different skin types. 

Dewy Foundation

Dewy foundation is packed with a skin-nourishing blend of botanical oils and serums that gives skin a healthy, illuminated glow. 

Our dewy foundation rec, Kosas Tinted Face Oil, is a lightweight, medium coverage oil based foundation that helps even out skin tone with its velvet-like finish. The TFO is an ultra-hydrating blend of avocado oil, jojoba oil, meadow foam oil and green tea seed oil. For a flawless, even finish apply the foundation with fingertips - no tools needed! 

The TFO works on all skin types; however, here are a couple of tips for prepping dry and oily skin. 

Dry skin types, first be sure to exfoliate skin a few times per week to help turn over dead skin cells. Then, apply a hydrating, lightweight moisturizer or serum. Buffing LXMI Creme du Nil Moisturizer into skin before applying a dewy foundation helps create a smoother surface so the foundation applies evenly. There are plenty of antioxidants and plant based ingredients like Nilotica, a derivative of the shea nut, that delivers twice the amount of hydration and preps skin for makeup. 

Oily skin types, after applying foundation use a light dusting of finishing powder over places with excess oil like your T-zone, nose and chin. The Alima Satin Finishing Powder is lightweight and absorbs any unwanted, excess oil. 

Complete the dewy look with cream based products for a fully radiant and luminous look. Kosas Tropic Equinox cream bronzer and highlight, Rituel de Fille cream blush in Desire cream blush on cheeks and eyes, and Saint Jane CBD Lip Gloss in Bliss are our dewy go-tos. 

Matte Foundation

For a completely matte look without any shine or radiance, pressed powder absorbs any excess oil on the skin. 

For a matte look, try Alima Pressed Powder Foundation significantly reduces radiance while hydrating skin at the same time. Rose hip and antioxidants soothe and protect skin while offering medium to full coverage and it's great for all skin types. 

For a medium coverage look, apply with a Soft Focus makeup brush. To build into a full coverage, apply with a denser brush like the Alima Foundation brush. 

If you run dry, be sure to keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer or a lightweight serum. Using an AHA based exfoliator, like Little Barn's Rosewater + AHA toner, a few times per week also helps turn over the dead skin cells and dryness on the surface; leaving a smooth canvas for the powder foundation! 

Soft Radiance Foundation

A soft radiant liquid foundation offers less glow than a dewy foundation yet still allows skin to have a natural glow. It falls in between full dewy and full matte. 

For a softer radiant look,  Saint Cosmetics Liquid Foundation, creates a smooth surface on skin while minimizing the appearance of pores. It's packed with antioxidants, Vitamin C, soothing rose hip and clarifying rosemary to keep skin hydrated without too much glow. 

For nice even coverage, apply with fingertips or a dense foundation brush.

Saint Foundation looks great on all skin types; but here are our tips for priming skin before applying. 

Dry and oily skin types, exfoliating will help turn over dead skin and keep skin balanced. Sticking with a matte look, we recommend Jane Scrivner's Over Oil cream moisturizer to help moisturize dry areas but also mattify and lock in oil on your face. 

Complete the soft radiant look with Kosas Contrachroma Powder BronzerSaint Cosmetics 24k Highlight for a warm shimmer and TMF Vegan Lips Matte Long wear lipstick .




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