Summer Hair Care with Erin from Sense Salon

Jul 9th 2020

Since opening in August 2018, Sense Hair Salon + Apothecary has brought stylish locks and lot’s of zen to DC. They recently reopened - and have implemented plenty of safety precautions like contact tracing, a full time mask policy and newly installed dividers between shampoo bowls - so we caught up with owner and colorist, Erin Derosa to chat. Erin, who has about seven years experience coloring hair, answers our questions about summer haircare, at-home maintenance tips and some of her favorite looks this season.

A hair salon and healing studio hybrid is such a unique concept - has this always been a dream of yours?

Yes, I’ve always had the entrepreneurial bug as a little kid. I used to have a gift wrapping business called “You buy, we wrap” and I had a dog walking company before it was trendy. My salon turned into a reality a bit quicker than I expected when it became very clear I needed to move on from my previous job. From start to finish, it took several iterations and a lot of time to land on Sense as is now.

I know how closely beauty and wellness are related, so I found a space to combine two of my biggest passions of hair and self care under one roof. Prior to COVID, we had Reiki, coaching, and breath work. We are currently getting our online services up and running and plan to offer hypnosis and sound healing as well.

How are you finding your own zen outside of the salon these days?

This is such a work in progress as a recovering workaholic! I love being outside whether that’s hiking, gardening or sitting in my little blow up pool in the backyard. Communing with the Earth is so powerful for me! I also try to work with Tarot a couple of times a week, and often do quickie breath work sessions to recenter my own energy.

What makeup product are you loving right now?

Kosas Tinted Oil foundation it’s super lightweight while giving great coverage and not getting gunky in the humidity.

What summer hair trends or hairstyles are you into right now?

I’m a big fan of natural curl, texture, frizz and wave. Embracing your texture in a high pony, or as my husband calls it, a nub mohawk - meaning buns (lol).

I also enjoy a messy pony with grown out bangs as fringe i.e. Hailey Baldwin Bieber or a ponytail braid like Shay Mitchell.

How about the excess frizz some of us experience in this humid 90 degree heat? Any tips on how to combat this?

This will feel like an oxymoron, and one of my favorite things to explain. Add moisture to your hair! Because hair is a sponge, it gets thirsty and tries to suck up all the moisture from the air. If you use moisture rich products and oils, your hair won’t need to take it from your environment, and therefore won’t get as frizzy!

Great advice - a treatment we love is Sans Ceuticals Moisture + Protein Infusion serum this summer to do just that! It contains potent levels of small molecular proteins and Vitamin B to strengthen, repair and protect hair fibers. Plus, it gives your hair the moisture it's craving.

Any other summer hair care advice you swear by?

Wearing hats for sun protection which helps maintain color and hydration, and rinsing hair with fresh water before taking a dip in chlorine. To add an extra layer of protection, you can throw on some cheap conditioner. Hair is a sponge and it soaks up whatever is added first so by filling your hair with something protective, it’s less likely to take on a ton of chlorine.

Are there any other ways we can protect our color treated hair from sun exposure? 

Hats are just about the only way to really keep color fresh. Or top knots too. Hair sunscreen is a bit of a joke.

Do you have a favorite summer makeup color palette?

I love corals, peaches, sherbert, gold. I like a natural look, so light makeup with a radiant finish, some mascara and a little bronze or shimmer.

What are your best DIY masking and hair maintenance tips?

My kitchen go-tos for masking are avocado oil and coconut oil, but I prefer products because I love the feeling of something fancy and luxurious. My newest favorite thing is adding Reverie Ever regenerating oil to my conditioner. It’s deluxe!

To exfoliate, use a toothbrush for a gentle scalp detox. Also, funky color refresh using Manic Panic or Lime Crime - or, add this over blonde to spice things up for the summer since most people aren’t going into the office.

Are you accepting new clients? 

Yes, always! You can book an appointment with us by going to our website and clicking book now, or sending us an email at (not .com). 

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