Staying In and Keeping Cozy

Dec 14th 2020

More than ever, we're aiming for optimal coziness in our homes and spaces - especially during the holidays. From slowing down and treating ourselves to a detoxifying bath, creating a snug little corner in a room or investing in extra comfortable lounge wear. A few locals and friends offer up their best tips for staying in and making sure the chill vibes are at maximum capacity. 

Rachel Mulcahy, Owner of Ivy Wild

I'm trying to make the most of being at home this season! In between work, I'm cooking and watching The Crown (like everyone else?) and trying to make home feel like the most comfy winter nest with candles and some fresh room mist.

For Wellness: Loving KOLA's Super Goodies infusions for tea and smoothies. One box has five different blends (two of each) to treat everything from nutrition, skin and immunity, to memory and focus. One of my favorites lately is the Golden Glow with Turmeric - it's a booster for skin and immunity. 

I'm also having Winged's Relaxation CBD Gummies at night to chill out.

For Better Sleep: I'm really into nighttime bathing! This has really worked for me and there's actual science behind it. Multiple studies have shown that taking a warm bath or shower at night ultimately lowers your body temperature to the ideal sleep temp.

And this may go without saying, but I'm keeping my skincare routine going strong.

Diana Morales, Media Strategist + The Good Millennial

When I realized that it would be a long winter spent at home, I decided to invest in new pillows as an early Christmas present for myself. 

My new pillow set up is quite cozy; it's just the spot I love answering morning emails from and the perfect spot to slide into after my nighttime skincare routine - which includes an eye serum that I scored at Ivy Wild. My esthetician told me that great pillow support also helps prevent neck that's a plus!

Shannon Claire, Owner of Shannon Claire Interiors Design Firm

I have been soaking up every moment of natural light, which seems to be shrinking by the day. So, I've been lighting a candle and curling up next to the nearest window to work or read during my down time at home. I have a stack of magazines I'm looking forward to diving into (with a cup of tea!) during the holidays at home!

Tyler Calder, Director of Content for Girls' Night In

This year we're all processing so much - so, for me, every hour that I'm not working is spent in pursuit of softness. When work's done, I change from my daytime soft clothes (sweaters and joggers lately) to my nighttime soft clothes (PJs!), and that feels small but luxurious. 

During the week, I don't watch anything too heavy or overly stimulating and I steer clear of emotionally evocative books. Instead, I've done everything in my power to make my immediate surroundings soft - from adding plus seating to filling my apartment with more candles than every. 

Recently, I've gotten really into taking care of my hair. It hasn't seen a pair of scissors in...too long, so I'm taking advantage of this time to experiment with products to keep it healthy and soft until I can go in for a trim more safely.

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