Staying Balanced With Help From Local Experts

Nov 19th 2020

A crisp chill is moving through the air, the holidays are quickly approaching and the days are a little shorter - we've found ourselves searching for a little more balance in our lives. With help from a few of our favorite local experts on mindfulness, beauty, wellness and fashion, we're sharing tips on staying balanced through a seasonal change. 

A Balanced Mind with Dani Waldman of Dani Waldman Coaching

On the effects of a seasonal shift. Seasonal changes bring us into a state of transition. We tend to rush from one season to the next like we rush from one chapter in our lives to the next without pausing and tending to that transition. While in a seasonal change or a transition in life, bringing in elements that ground you and bring in a sense of safety, can support you in easing into that transition.

Seasonal shifts can bring in excitement or for some, seasonal depression as we slip into the colder months. We can also begin to look at the last season and feel like we didn't do everything that we desired. Let yourself feel what comes up and reflect on some questions each month: What does this season feel like? What energy do I want to evoke? What, if anything, am I desiring to change?

On mindfulness practices to try at home. My invitation is to find that anchor to root you. An anchor may look like making time to drink tea in the morning, going for walks or having a comfortable blanket nearby to wrap yourself in.

Our body holds so much information, so when you feel anxious, angry, suggestion is to move! Moving can look like going for a walk, dancing, or practicing a type of somatic movement.

You can also try walking around your space at home and breathing. A breathing practice to try: taking an inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and repeat. Move and breathe.

Balanced Beauty with Maggie Spicer of The Green Beauty Guide

On transitioning your skincare from spring/summer to fall/winter. My skin doesn't undergo too much of a transition through the seasons, but I definitely enjoy adding a little extra layer of moisture to keep my skin from feeling too dry. I always use an SPF year round, but right now I'm starting to add an additional layer of moisture with a lightweight cream facial moisturizer. 

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On keeping your skin balanced throughout the seasons. I love taking hot baths as the weather gets cooler, so a soak and a slather of rich body cream before bed is the perfect way to feel extra pampered. I also try to do a body exfoliation (either a scrub or dry brushing) once a week to help whatever moisturizer I use really sink in.

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Health + Wellness with Cami Wolff of CANIS

On wellness among the holiday bustle. I love going into a holiday gathering with the mentality of “I can have it all, not all at once”. I also make sure I’ve eaten enough glucose throughout the day so I’m not walking into a party with low blood sugar.

This may be weird to people but I typically meditate before I go out or at least take a couple minutes to myself to get really present in my body. 

On the physical changes in your body. I hate the cold and it makes me want to contract on so many different levels. I notice my shoulders tensing up in the cold and my mood being a little cold, pun intended. My remedy for that tends to be gravitating to the opposite of contraction, which is expansion. What things help me feel expansive?

Things that make me feel relaxed,

  • Hot baths and epsom salt
  • 10 minute/day morning dance ritual
  • Hot drinks: teas, broths, and hot soups

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Functional Fashion with Prerana Dalal of Broad Cloth

On utilizing your wardrobe year round. I don't really believe in seasonal closets. I like to collect things that work for at least 3 seasons. Building your closet around a solid foundation of neutral colors can really extend your closet year-round.

My favorite is black and white/cream, though you could get into a debate over "winter white," but I digress. But yes, I wear black in the summer and white well into the year. Other neutral colors include gray, which is basically the love child of black and white, camel/tan, olive, denim blue, blush, and dusty rose. 

On a fall form + function fashion. This is my moment to wax poetic about fall jackets and how they're better than sweaters. Fall jackets > sweata weatha. There I said it. It's a layer I can stand behind. Go for a statement jacket like a metallic moto or a bold patterned walker coat. Fall weather is perfect for form, function, and fashion.

I think the hardest thing is that not only is the weather changing but you might also have several seasons within a day. I prefer to invest in quality, natural fabrics like a heavier cotton or lightweight wool that are both warm, without being bulky but breathable.


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