Chic Makeup Looks To Recreate This Fall

Sep 23rd 2020

There were some chic looks that hit the runway this season and we're all about it. From barely there beauties to goth glam, here are our takeaways, product recs and tips to recreate these fall makeup trends. 

Go Bold With A Statement Lip

We love a statement lip because lipstick is a look in itself. If you're going bold with the lips, sticking with neutrals on eyes and cheeks makes for a more polished look. Select a lip color that's complementary to your skin tone. 

Lip shades with yellow and orange undertones look best with warm skin tones, while lip shades with blue and purple undertones compliment cool skin tones. 

Complete the look with a bronzy blush to emphasize cheekbones and a champagne neutral eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer to brighten the eyes. 

Pro tip! Bold lips make a big statement, but not if it's unevenly applied or smudged. Apply a neutral or similar undertone lip liner before applying a bold lipstick. The liner will help create an even canvas for the lipstick and boost the shade.

The Fresh-Faced Look

Sometimes less is more and what's easier than a bare minimum makeup routine? 

We love the idea of a stripped down, fresh-faced look emphasizing radiant skin. 

Create a fresh-faced look by focusing on glowy skin essentials like a hydrating serum and lightweight foundation with a velvet finish. Finish with defined, groomed brows and a glossy lip.

All That Glitters is Gilded Eyes 

This is arguably our favorite fall statement look because there's no doubt a bold gold eye will shine - even with a face mask on. 

Complete the gilded eyed look by adding smudged out eyeliner close to your lash line and keeping the lips a neutral nude...the eyes will speak for themselves. 

Pro Tip! If you want to amp up the look even more, try a glossy gold finish by applying a small amount of clear lip gloss over your lids.

Neutrals with a Pop

Our fashion forward friend, Kelly McCoyd created the perfect autumnal date night look and we're gushing over it. 

Sticking with neutrals on the eyes, she leaves room for pops of color on cheeks and lips.

"For my makeup, I'll be toning down some of the all over summer dewy glow that I love, but still playing up my cheekbones with an eye catching highlight. My makeup routine as a whole is always minimal and fresh and my color palette tends to be classic and enhance my natural tones."

Shop Kelly's Fall makeup picks and create your own date night look. 


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