The Foundation Breakdown: Dewy vs Matte

May 27th 2020

Not all foundations are created the same and they can create so many different looks and finishes on the skin. Here's the breakdown on matte vs dewy foundations, their level of coverage and how to wea … read more

The Summer Skincare Edit

May 26th 2020

You might be feeling SO ready for summer but is your skincare routine? Yes, summer brings hotter temperatures and an end to the dryness that winter can inflict on your skin but this can also contribut … read more

Your Quarantine Routine - Erin Melnyk

May 25th 2020

Our friend and long-time customer, Erin Melnyk chats with us this week about all of her quarantine cooking, how she takes care of her skin before and after a long day in the kitchen and her nightly … read more

Where To Apply: Highlight, Bronzer + Blush

May 21st 2020

Some of the most FAQs we get are about where exactly to apply certain makeup products on your face. We're talking about hard hitting questions like, "where do I apply my bronzer in relation to my high … read more

Why Your Skincare Routine Needs Antioxidants

May 19th 2020

You may know about the importance of incorporating antioxidants in your diet to help protect cells against damage, heart disease and cancer. Well, they’re equally beneficial to incorporate i … read more